Questions & Answers

Question: What is the difference between the Energy Suspension® red and black polyurethane components?

Answer: Both are Energy's HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane formulations. Few of our selected black polyurethane components contain graphite to add a lubrication property. It is not added to the red because black graphite discolors the red polyurethane. Graphite does not compromise our polyurethane formulas.

OE rubber vs. aftermarket rubber vs. polyurethane?

Answer: OE manufacturers continue to use rubber because of costs and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) but is very compliant during spirited driving causing poor handling and like your tires, they wear out. Heat, harsh fluids and UV rays will dry out, crack and rot rubber causing vital suspension and drivetrain components to function poorly. Some OE replacement parts use lesser quality grade rubber which may wear or fail quicker than the OE factory rubber. Our polyurethane bushings and mounts are resistant to harsh fluids and do not dry out, rot or crack.

How can I find out if an Energy Suspension ® product fits my vehicle?

Answer: Click Here  or go to the Product Search link (on the left) or you can download our product catalog. You can also contact your local Energy Suspension dealer. If you have any difficulty locating application information, please contact us at: (949) 361-3935 and ask for Technical Assistance.

Can I buy your product directly from Energy Suspension ®?

Answer: Sorry, but no. We are the product developer and manufacturer.  Energy Suspension products are redistributed by qualified warehouse distribution centers and are available through automotive chain reatil stores, chain and indipendent automotive shops as well as authorized online retailers. Click Here to access our Dealer Locator to find a retailer near you.

What is required to install polyurethane bushings?

Answer: Our products usually install with just common automotive or motorcycle tools (depending) and require a basic knowledge of auto or cycle repair. Each product package includes detailed step-by-step instructions. Our polyurethane products usually install just like their rubber counterparts. Depending on the product, a product set can be installed in from 1/2 hour in time to 4 hours in time. A typical automotive or motorcycle repair shop should also be able do the installation for you.

What kind of grease should I use before product installation?

Answer: We recommend Energy Suspension's Formula 5 Prelube. This is included in most kits which require lubrication and additional Prelube may be purchased from your local Energy Suspension authorized dealer. If you are unable to use our Formula 5 Prelube, we  suggest using a synthetic, water resistant marine-grade grease for optimum lubrication and retention. Energy's Formula 5 Prelube may be purchased in bulk for commercial shop use.

During control arm installation, how do I remove the rubber part, when reusing the outer metal shells?

Answer: The easiest way to do this is with a propane or butane torch. Leave the shell in the arm and heat-up the outside of the shell. Once the rubber bond starts to break, the rubber will boil. Be careful not to melt the shell by using even and sparing heat. Once the bond is broken, push the rubber out with a tool or a press.

My original control arm bushings outer metal shells are damaged. The Energy Suspension control arm bushing set that I received did not come with metal shells. Where can I obtain replacement shells?

Answer: Contact your local dealership's parts department of your make of vehicle, for new original factory replacements. Some parts stores carry aftermarket replacement bushings with the shells or try your local auto salvage yard.

I have a custom application situation. With the dimensional sizes on a bushing that I have, can I buy bushings based on the dimensions I supply?

Answer: For liability and safety reasons, our catalog lists most of our bushings by vehicle application, not by size/dimension and we stand by the product fit based on the specific vehicle application only. Except for a selected number of products listed as "UNIVERSAL" we do not recommend using the dimensions for a product application.