Products: Transmission Mounts

  • A true performance application component for cars, trucks, hot rods. For racing/competition, yet popularly used for street vehicles when more horsepower is added.
  • Soft running enough to absorb vibrations for street use yet rugged for racing use.
  • Helps control torque on high performance vehicles.
  • Maintains proper drive shaft angle to help prevent early wear and unexpected power train damage!
  • Replaces the original, short lived and typically too-soft rubber mounts and outdates those hard-running metal transmission mounts.
  • Resistant to under vehicle fluids: oils, coolants, road contaminants, etc.
  • Made of Energy's HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane and heavy duty hardware - for added durability!

Energy's replacement transmission mounts are the best of both worlds!- Soft enough for street use, yet strong enough for racing or off-road use. The mounts for General Motors® and Ford® vehicles have a unique and patented metal safety locking feature® to effectively control torque! The interlocking feature of the mount gives added confidence against drive train and chassis/frame damage. This feature delivers the extra strength to resist problematic torque forces.

Unfortunately, General Motors® still is using a rubber version of this mount without a safety locking feature (the same type since 1956)! We believe all of our mounts are superior to original factory types. Depending on the vehicle, the Energy's mounts can be used on both automatic transmissions and manual three, four, and five speeds. Energy's special formula HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane material that is used assures long-lasting performance, unlike many O.E.M. rubber components.

Currently applications are for: various rear wheel drive General Motors® cars and trucks, rear wheel drive Ford 5.0 engined Mustangs and several other Ford vehicles that are equipped with 5.0 engines, and Chrysler Corp.® rear wheel drive cars.

All mounts are available with red or black color polyurethane.
The General Motors® style transmission mounts are available in either zinc or chrome metal plating.

Patented design- (PAT. NO. 5,551,661; 5,788,206 & 5,788,207). Note patented interlock design. This is a metal safety locking feature to effectively control torque for street use and especially usefull for high performance applications. Energy's transmission mount for rear wheel drive vehicles. Shown- General Motors style. The mount for Ford Motor Corp. ® vehicles is similar in design.