Universal Products: UNIVERSAL #2: "Formula 5" Prelube, "Jack Strap", Control Arm Bushing Half Sets, Coil Spring Dampener Donuts, Shock Reservior Isolators

FORMULA 5 Prelube

"Formula 5" Prelube is a versatile, waterproof, non-melting grease. It forms a tough, durable, chemical resistant film of lubricant. Prevents metal-to-metal contact even under severe shock loads. Only a small amount is required to properly lubricate bushings and metal components and to prevent corrosion.

Formula 5 Prelube Grease- 3 quan.
1/2 oz. squirt tubes
Formula 5 Prelube Grease- 8 oz. tub 9.11104
JACK STRAP- ( jack holder )
Support your sagging jack handle and get it back up where it belongs.
Designed specifically to fithigh-liftstyle off-road type jacks the Jack Strap secures the loose and noisy jack handle with indestructible HYPER-FLEXÃ… polyurethane. Unique "thru-hole" design allows a secure and flush fit mounting on most vehicle bumpers, beds and rails. It stays on the jack all the time because the design allows the handle to complete its ratcheting cycle. Other designs do not- and have to be taken off to allows the jack to move upward. No more embarrassing rattling parts on your ultimate off-road ride. The perfect solution to a persistent problem!
Jack Strap Jack holder for high lift style off-road jacks. 9.9466
Performance Control Arm Bushing "Half Sets"
These "Half" control arm bushing sets are used when the vehicle has an aftermarket control arm at either the front upper or rear lower locations that came with polyurethane bushings. These bushing sets fit into the remaining stock control arms giving the vehicle the full benefit of having polyurethane bushings on all control arms.
Made of HYPER-FLEXÃ… performance polyurethane.
Complete Set # Lower Set #
3.3101 3.3165
3.3102 3.3165
3.3103 3.3167
3.3104 3.3166
3.3105 3.3167
3.3106 3.3167
3.3111 3.3166
3.3113 3.3167
3.3119 3.3167
3.3156 3.3171
3.3172 3.3168
Complete Set # Upper Set #
2.3101 2.3105
2.3102 2.3105
3.3117 3.3180
3.3132 3.3169
3.3162 3.3170
4.3114 4.3129
4.3115 4.3129
Coil Spring Dampener Donuts
HYPER-FLEXÃ… polyurethane dampener donuts inserted in coil springs allow for a progressive rate of compression while preventing spring bottoming. Great for competition use and for vehicles equipped with winches or other heavy add-on devices.
2 1/4" tall, 3 9/16" dia. 2 per set.
Universal Dampener Donuts 9.9005
Shock Reservoir Isolators
They are used to mount external shock reservoirs to the shock tube or to the vehicle's roll cage in extreme off road applications. Available in several diameter combinations, these isolators incorporate hose clamp mounting channels on the side for ease of installation. Made of tough HYPER-FLEXÃ… polyurethane, they hold their shape and prevent expensive shock damage.
Sold in sets of two. Color Code, add: R- Red, G- Black.
9.9160 9.9161 9.9162 9.9163 9.9164
Set # "A" "B"
9.9160 2.50" 2.50"
9.9161 2.00" 2.00"
9.9162 2.50" 1.50"
9.9163 3.00" 1.50"
9.9164 2.00" 1.50"