Universal Products: UNIVERSAL #1: Link-Flange Type Bushings, Universal Mounts/Isolators

Universal Link-Flange Type Bushing Sets

Made from HYPER-FLEX formula polyurethane for extreme durability. Suggested uses include: control arms, track rods, 
4 bar links, push/nerf bars, tire carrier racks, engine & transmission mounts.*Each set includes four bushings and two sleeves.

Color Code: add G for black, R for red.  Example: PN 3.1114R = red

Please note the proper preloads are calculated based on the dimensions listed in the chart. A non-preloaded bushing 
is not recommended. Only use DOM tubing or equivalent with no seam on I.D. of tubing. Outer tube and fastener are not included.

Color Code for the following products: G- black, R- red. Example: PN 9.9105R=red.

*Preload Included.

Universal Mount Sets / Isolators


Mount material is made of HYPER-FLEX™ polyurethane, for use as isolator mounts on applications such as obsolete
body mounts, kit cars, truck beds, tool boxes and many other similar applications. 
Two complete mounts per set- 4 plated metal washers, 2 plated metal sleeves, 4 polyurethane bushings. 
See illustration below for specific parameters.

Universal Mount Set PN 9.4101 (Below) uses firmer 88A Durometer bushings which are best 
for various applications which require firmer mountings. For high stress parameters such as: off-roading/rough terrain racing, 
drag racing, road racing and on extreme-use vehicles.


Universal Mount Set PN 9.4102 (Below) uses softer 70A Durometer bushings which is best for applications which require a higher degree of insulation. Softer than the bushing set listed above. Universal transmission mounts, motor mounts, cab & body mounts, restorations, "daily driver vehicles", custom body & kit cars. Can also be used for: compressors, tool boxes, generators, independent engines, etc.